Jonathan Waxman

Jonathan Waxman is Professor of Oncology at Imperial College and Hammersmith Hospital, London, and in private practise at the LOC in Harley Street, London. He practises as a general oncologist, treating patients with a wide range of malignancies. He is responsible for the introduction of the LHRH agonists to treat prostate cancer, replacing castration as the main form of treatment. He runs laboratory and clinical research programmes and has published extensively on prostate, kidney, bladder, testis, lymphoma and breast cancer. He founded Prostate Cancer UK, the first United Kingdom national organisation promoting prostate cancer research and patient support. He has raised funds for the building of the Hammersmith Cancer Centre whose spirit aims to combine the best of conventional and alternative therapies. He helped establish an All Party Parliamentary Group to improve cancer treatment and rationalise cancer research throughout the UK. He has written 16 medical books, four novels and one medical law book.

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