Big Prick

Big Prick is a Walter Mitty style fantasy set in the 1980s telling the story of Bernard, a hospital phlebotomist.

Bernard’s real world and fantasy life are set in alternate chapters, and as might be expected fantasy collides with reality — and love, sex, and money reach the hands of the deserving hero.

Jonathan Waxman’s latest book tackles themes of consumerism and social isolation. There is an attempt at humour.

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MacLeod's Introduction to Medicine

MacLeod’s Introduction to Medicine: A Doctor’s Memoir chronicles the humorous side of a doctor’s life.

This book is a collection of medical stories based on the epic career of MacLeod, its naive hero. It is a chronicle of occasional humour, and the names of the characters have not been changed to protect the innocent. Jonathan Waxman bases all the stories on reality, from a time when the practice of medicine was not inundated with tales of bullying and scapegoating, where the lives of doctors, nurses and patients were not buried under targets and when the idiotic landslide of the internal market was on the other side of the mountain.

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The Elephant in the Room

The Elephant in the Room is a collection of short stories from Jonathan Waxman’s life as a cancer doctor.

The stories, based on real-life accounts, are built around the idiosyncratic relationships between patients and their doctors. Using humour and empathy, Jonathan Waxman explores the human side of cancer as well as providing expert commentary on the clinical aspects of diagnosis and therapy of this disease.

These stories comfort and entertain, inform and engage, and are a treat to read for anyone whose life has been affected by cancer.

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About Jonathan Waxman

Jonathan Waxman is the Flow Foundation Professor of Oncology at Imperial College, London. He is a clinician who has helped develop new treatments for cancer, which include the LHRH agonists, which are currently used to treat prostate cancer. Jonathan has written around 400 research papers and chapters, twelve books on cancer, four novels, a medical law book and one restaurant review. In 1996 he founded Prostate Cancer UK, the first United Kingdom national organisation promoting research and patient support for this condition. Jonathan is President of PCUK. Jonathan directs a laboratory research group whose focus is the development of new cancer treatments and tests. He campaigned for the building of the Hammersmith Cancer Centre and helped establish the All Party Parliamentary Group on Cancer.

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Professor Jonathan Waxman

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